Re-Elect Gerald Antinoro

Storey County Sheriff


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It has been my privilege to serve as your Sheriff for the past seven years. Together with the great men and women in the Sheriff’s Office, and YOU… whom we serve daily, we have moved the Sheriff’s Office away from “the way it was,” improving facilities, technology and people programs during a time of significant growth and development in Storey County. All the while, providing fair and impartial service to ALL areas of the county.

I’m proud of the work we have achieved together but there is still much to be done. I’m grateful for your confidence, trust, and your support as we head into the 2018 election. I look forward to building even better partnerships with our neighboring agencies, other county officials, and community members to address the challenges facing our criminal justice system, foster public safety, and ensure everyone is treated equally and fairly. A lot of information can be found on the website, however if you still have questions or issues you would like to discuss, as always feel free to contact me.

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