Gerald “Jerry” Cook Antinoro was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1964. His family moved to southeastern Utah in 1970. Jerry graduated San Juan County High School in 1982. After an extended absence from academia, Jerry returned to the classroom and in 2001, successfully completing the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety School of Police Staff and Command. In 2007, Jerry completed his undergraduate studies obtaining a BA in Organizational Management, followed by a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management in 2009, from Ashford University in Clinton, Iowa. Now, a dedicated lifelong learner, Jerry is on the verge of earning his second Master’s Degree in Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He is also one of only a handful of Nevada Sheriff’s to have attended and graduated from the National Sheriff’s Institute in Colorado.

Jerry started as a corrections deputy/dispatcher with the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office in 1984. In 1985, he went to the Uintah County Sheriff’s Office in northeastern Utah as a deputy sheriff assigned to the patrol division. In 1988, Jerry promoted to Sergeant and directed the patrol division operations. In 1994, Jerry moved to the Great State of Nevada and took a position with the West Wendover Police Department. In 1998, Jerry was appointed to the position of Lieutenant, where he served as second in command of the police department until his departure December 31, 2004. After West Wendover, Jerry took a brief sojourn in the “big city” of Las Vegas where he became the Chief of Enforcement for the Nevada Transportation Authority, overseeing the regulation and enforcement of intrastate common carriers (limos, taxis, buses, tow trucks, household goods movers, etc).

Halfway through 2006, Jerry made the move to Virginia City, accepting a position with the Storey County Sheriff’s Office. Since that time, he has risen from patrol deputy to Sheriff and become well versed in all operations of the Sheriff’s Office, as well as becoming an active member of the community. Jerry is fully aware of the economic conditions that have and presently face our communities and has conducted the business of the Sheriff with fiscally responsibility. He has made it a priority to provide an excellent level of service in a cost efficient manner. As a result, the Sheriff's Office is providing greater services than ever to the public while keeping costs to a minimum.

During his nearly 30-year career as a peace officer, Jerry has steadily risen through the ranks mastering each position he was assigned while developing an intense understanding of the law’s internal workings. He is well aware of the law enforcement needs that the citizens of Storey County have as a whole. He realizes they expect fair and impartial law enforcement in order to preserve our community’s reputation as a safe and enjoyable place to live and visit. At the same time, residents expect a friend, a confidante, and someone they can count on in their time of need. Over the past four years Jerry has demonstrated these qualities time and again – regardless of who a person is or where they live. He is truly a Peace Officer who has embraced the entire county.

Last but not least, Jerry belongs to many professional organizations. He is an executive board member of the Nevada Sheriff’s and Chief’s Association, poised to be their President during the next legislative session; he is a member of the National Sheriff's Association; the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety Alumni Association; he serves as the current President of Comstock Aerie #523 of the Fraternal Order of Eagles and is a Trustee in the State Aerie, F.O.E. In his free time you can find Jerry at his home in Gold Hill tending to his garden, dogs, or chickens. Frequently you can find him in attendance of community events throughout Storey County, several of which he hosts personally or though the Sheriff’s Office; and on occasion, you can find him in attendance at various Storey County GOP functions, where he serves as Precinct #2 captain.

Committee to Elect Gerald Antinoro