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It has been said that the numbers don’t lie. This is correct however one must have all the numbers and understand a few basic truths about them, not just take for granted that a few numbers tell the whole story. That being said, all the numbers are included here and the following are some basic truths.

  1. There are some line items that get over spent.
  2. There are some line items that are underspent.
  3. At the end of the day, one must compare how much total budget was allocated versus total expenditures.
  4. The jail fund was never properly funded, nor was it a legal fund having not been filed with the Department of Taxation (hence it no longer exists as of 7/1/14).
  5. The jail fund was derived from ad valorem and general fees, the same revenues that supply the general fund.
  6. The purchase and renovations of the Sheriff’s Office in 2012 were expensed incorrectly by the County and should have come from the county’s capital projects fund, not the Sheriff’s Office budget (this was acknowledged by the county manager in an open commission meeting).

With these basic understandings, please look over the budgets included here. You will see the combined Sheriff’s Office/Jail budgets ending 6/30/14, still had some $196,000.00 plus left when the fiscal year ended. The combined budgets ending 6/30/13, still had some $65,000.00 remaining. The combined budgets ending 6/30/12 (subtracting the erroneous expensing of the building and renovations - $375,000.00), would have had a remaining balance of about $15,000.00. The budget ending 6/30/11, is included, but was half expended when I came into office in January 2011. The 2010 budget is included merely for comparative purposes and was fully expended before my term of office. Monies unexpended at the end of a fiscal year are returned to the general fund, not carried over into the next budget cycle.

After reviewing these budgets and the ending balances that were turned back to the county I am confident you will see I have not squandered your money. To the contrary, since I took office the budget on average is about $1,000,000.00 a year less than what was spent under the previous administration.

Anyone reviewing these facts and figures having questions regarding the budget, line item expenditures, or of any other fiscal concern is invited to contact me directly at (775) 881-8196.

Gerald Antinoro

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