Letter to Citizens

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Eight years ago I came to you and asked you to elect me as your Sheriff. You did so. Four years ago, I asked you if I had maintained the public trust and if so, return me to office as your Sheriff. Again you did. In 2017, I came under insidious and brutal attack by people who badly want me out of office and you came to the rescue, telling those people to take a hike - your elected Sheriff was staying. Thank you.

I come to you one more time and ask for your support in 2018. Make no mistakes, the attacks against me will continue and the fight for truth and justice will not be easy by any means. The manufactured nonsense, false allegations, and invidious poison of the political opposition know no bounds. Perhaps the worst part of it all is the division they have created in our county and the lack of respect for our citizens. They have posited their deceit since the 2014 election cycle and expected you, the voter, to accept what they say without proof. While it may have seemed to quiet down, it did not cease with their failed recall attempt in 2017 (but more on that later).

Together we have moved our county, YOUR Sheriff’s Office, away from the questionable past. While detractors can speak nonsense, the facts speak for themselves: Crime in the county has not increased during the past seven years - even with the explosive growth in the north end of the county; we have built solid working relationships with our neighboring agencies and continue doing so; I have held the budget to minimal growth, seeking only to serve our communities effectively and efficiently; and we have built incredible relationships with community members all across the county.

Without question I have made some mistakes but these are personal issues that I have corrected, not professional failings as your Sheriff. I hold your trust and the Office of Sheriff in the highest regard and I am committed to continue service to our people and our communities. There is still a lot to be done to truly reach the level of professionalism and fairness that YOU deserve. Together we can achieve it during the next four years!

Gerald Antinoro

© 2018 Antinoro For Sheriff