The Choice Is STILL Black & White


  • Samantha McKendall
    Diversified Vehicle Repair Inc
    Tahoe Reno Industrial Center
  • Steve Cabrales
    Law Enforcement Torch Run Liaison
    Special Olympics Nevada
    "The Nevada LETR wishes you the best of luck and is proud to support your bid for re-election."
  • Robert G. Woolsey
    Chief Marshal
    Boulder City Municipal Court
    "I have known Sheriff Antinoro for many years and I wholeheartedly support his bid for re-election."
  • District Council 16
    International Union of Painters and Allied Trades
    "We are proud to support your campaign and appreciate your staunch support for the working men and women of our union."
  • Terry Croxton
  • Nancy & Owen Vaught
  • Tom Tarpey
  • Dave DeLong
  • Suzanne Morrison
  • Ken & Teresa Quirk
  • James Pesicka
  • Larry & Rose Austin
  • Ron Engelbrecht
  • Dave & Breck Greninger
  • Patrick Flanagan
  • Wayne Fazzino, D.Min
  • Robert Maccario, MBA
    "I fully support the re-election Sheriff Antinoro. His leadership has integrated SCSO into the community."
  • Mike Bradford
    NV Transportation Authority
    "I have known Sheriff Antinoro for nearly 10 years and he has always lead by example. He takes pride in his oath of office and it shows in his integrity and professionalism. I support his re-election."
  • Jim Wheeler, District 39
    Nevada State Assemblyman,
    "Sheriff Antinoro's honor and integrity, are in my opinion, above reproach and I look forward to working with him again in the next Legislative Session."
  • NRA Endorsed

Attention Storey County Citizens

In November 2016, a group funded by the developers of the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center filed a notice of intent to attempt recalling me from office. This group has filed complaints, lawsuits, authored false news, and twisted information trying to give the appearance that I have run amok as your Sheriff.

The truth is they are trying to create a narrative that simply isn’t true. The following information will state their claims and provide the real facts and circumstances. In the end, I believe that you will see this is nothing more than political animus and their desire to build and fortify their personal fiefdom.

After reading through this information should you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Gerald Antinoro
Storey County Sheriff’s Office

Endorsements & Support

Laughlin Township Constable’s Office
Jordan Ross, Constable

55 Civic Way
Laughlin NV 89029-1563
Administrative Office: 702-298-2311

24 February 2017


Fellow Nevadans,

Like you, I live in a small rural community of Nevada, far from the hustle and bustle of our urban cities in the Silver State. We both live in small towns where we know our neighbors and the people who make a town more than just a collection of homes.

I’ve served as the elected Constable of Laughlin Township for the last six years and I know how important it is to retain the confidence of the voters in a small constituency where very single vote counts. It’s one of the things I like about small town life, everybody matters.

But it can also mean that sometimes public life becomes the target of personal grudges and animosity. I accept that, it comes with the job and I feel that in the end truth will triumph over innuendo and misdirection.

You in Storey County are now faced with that same sort of innuendo and misdirection in the form of a recall of your Sheriff Gerald Antinoro. Each of you will make your own decision, but I can tell you that I am only one of many elected law enforcement officials in this state who are confident that your current sheriff is still the best person to protect Storey County. /p>

I urge you to support Sheriff Gerald Antinoro

Thank you for your time and attention,

Jordan Ross
Constable, Laughlin Township

Additional Endorsements

I support you all the way!
- Geno Oliver, Past State president F.O.E.

Support for Sheriff Antinoro. He has my support in the recall effort.
– Don Carter 

We appreciate your honesty and integrity enforcing the law.  Everyone knows who is behind all of this and he is a coward hiding behind one of his girls shirt.  He will pay in either the next election or a scandal.   He lied to the people of Lockwood and I proved it.  We have your back. Keep up the fight Jerry.
– Larry Huddleson

As a past resident and longtime supporter of Virginia City,  I am sending this letter to inform you I support my friend and brother Eagle, Gerald Antinoro . I have worked with Jerry over the last 7 years as he advanced thru the local Eagles offices to become President and supported him for Nevada State Office which he is soon to be made Vice-President.

He has never exhibited any behavior that he has been alleged, during the time I have known him. We have attended meetings, conventions and dinners over the years and he has shown only the highest regard for those around him, female or male.

I hope that you take the time to talk with Jerry, so you can get to know him as I have. Those trying to recall him are the same individuals that have oppose him for the 7 years I have known him. They have lost to him in the last 2 elections and I will work against them so that they lose a third time. As their vision for the County is not the same as yours, it’s back to the good “old boy” that has been reject by the majority, as in the last US election.
- Dail E Turney

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